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Designed for the unforgiving waters of the North Carolina coast, the MYSTIQUE48 CC is the premier, best-in-class, sport fishing vessel that compliments the finest concepts of the region’s history-rich past with the latest in technological advances. With a “fishing first” focus, the MYSTIQUE 48 CC also appeals to the family with ample luxury, amenities, and styling.

With 100 years of combined expertise, Mystique Boatworks designers and builders have a proven track-record of constructing champion fishing vessels. The MYSTIQUE 48 CC (center console) is an extremely high-tech, composite-built boat that utilizes the latest technology and materials. It will exceed your expectations on the turbulent oceans with the power and luxury to bring you home safely and confidently.

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The natural, sleek lines of the MYSTIQUE 48 CC’s Carolina flair, along with the tumblehome curvature and sculpted integrated bracket with gentle turndowns are all proportionally correct, creating an artwork masterpiece. This completely unique boat, tailored to fit your needs, will make you the envy of all!


The MYSTIQUE 48 CC is a fishing boat, built for fishermen. How the angler uses the boat is imperative to our design process. We have created a premium boat that is fast enough to reach much farther fishing ground than ever before, and returns the crew safely back to the dock in comfort, and refreshed after a day on the water.


The MYSTIQUE 48 CC is in a class of its own, powered by four Mercury Marine V12 Verado 600 horsepower engines—a total of 2400 horsepower capable of propelling the craft to speeds in excess of 60 mph. The V12 is Mercury’s quietest high-horsepower engine ever built. Contra-rotating propellers maximize thrust and ease low-speed maneuvering.

Our Team

Boat Building Legends

Keith Stevens

Keith Stevens


Keith Stevens serves as the President for Mystique Boatworks. Keith brings twelve years of industry experience...

Jim Luxton

Jim Luxton

Hull Designer Construction Engineer

Jim Luxton serves as the Hull Designer / Construction Engineer. Jim brings over 45 years of industry knowledge...